After Identifying Greater Need for Data, Company Creates Windows 8 Analytics System

Arkadium, creators of the largest library of casual games in the world, today reports strong growth for their Windows 8 titles. Arkadium launched four of the first games available on the new platform in October 2012 and has seen increased downloads and game plays each month. Each of those titles has been in the top 10.

A range of popular new titles and an increase in the number of games developed for Windows 8 are driving platform growth. There are currently over 100,000 apps in the Windows Store, including over 15,000 games. As the ecosystem grows, however, a sore point has been the lack of data visibility that developers are accustomed to when updating their games in near real time. To address this need Arkadium is taking first steps towards building a new proprietary analytics engine for its games.

With accelerated momentum in the market, the Windows 8 Store is seeing growth in key popular casual gaming categories including action, card, puzzle and sports games. Store data indicates that Windows 8 games tend to be more stable in the top ranks when compared to the iPad, which is more volatile. For example, within a 90-day period, top 5 games tend to spend on average twice as long in the top slots on Windows 8 (19 days) as on the iPad (7 days)1.

Additional key points gleaned from 2013 Windows Store data include:

  • Games are the largest category of apps on the Windows 8 platform
  • In June 2013, the Windows Store saw a larger uptake in Windows 8 games than any other month this year
  • The most popular categories of games on Windows 8 are puzzle, arcade and kids games
  • On average, Windows 8 games remain in a single ranking spot for roughly 3.5 days
  • On average, Windows 8 games remain in the top 5 rankings for 19 days

“We’re increasingly seeing more people investing time with games on the Windows 8 platform. In our games alone, there was an increase of over 35% from January to April for active users and daily sessions, so it’s clear that we’re seeing traction,” said Kenny Rosenblatt, CEO and Co-Founder of Arkadium. “The major barriers we have now are the lack of user acquisition options and a robust analytics system that will allow us to promote and evolve our games further. As a first-mover on Windows 8, we’re already spearheading a system that will provide new insights to ensure better quality and actionable learnings for our games and for the market.”

Game developers interested in learning more or wanting access to Arkadium’s beta analytics tool can contact the company at

About Arkadium
Arkadium is the creator of the largest library of casual games in the world. We deliver easy-to-play, hard-to-quit games for all, including Taptiles®, Sparks, Trizzle, Mahjongg Dimensions, and many more. Whether it’s with cards, cubes or the occasional monkey, more than ten million consumers worldwide enjoy Arkadium’s games every month on the web, mobile devices, Facebook and Windows 8. Arkadium has also pioneered hundreds of game launches through its partnership network of brand and publisher sites such as MSN, CNN, AARP, Comcast, Discovery, and numerous others. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Canada and Ukraine. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter @Arkadium.

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