FierceDeveloper – February 20, 2012
Unity 3.5 game engine update touts improved visuals
By Jason Ankeny

CinemaBlend – February 17, 2012
Unity Developer Conference, Unite 12 Takes Place In Amsterdam This August
By William Usher

CNET – February 14, 2012
Unity game engine embraces Google’s Native Client
By Sthephen Shankland

Gamasutra – February 14, 2012
Unity 3.5 update released, ‘biggest’ to date
By Mike Rose

IndustryGamers – February 14, 2012
Unity Technology Updates to Version 3.5
By Ben Strauss

TUWA – February 14, 2012
Unity 3.5 available now, with new effects and performance updates
By Mike Schramm

VentureBeat – February 7, 2012
LG, Unity Technologies team up to bring video games to Smart TVs
By Stefanie Fogel

SlashGear – February 7, 2012
LG signs TV deal with Unity Technologies to further video game ambitions
By Mark Raby

CinemaBlend – February 7, 2012
Unity Games Will Be Available On LG Smart TVs This Year
By William Usher

DroidGamers – February 7, 2012
Unity and LG team up to bring a slew of Unity games to LG Smart TVs
By Editorial Staff

Gamasutra – February 7, 2012
Unity-powered games coming to Smart TVs
By Eric Caoili

The Escapist – February 7, 2012
LG, Unity Ink Deal To Put Games In Your TV
By Ernest Cavalli

IndieGameMag – February 3, 2012
By Chris Priestman

Flash Daily – February 3, 2012
Flash in a Flash Creation Contest: Winner
By Editorial Staff

Gamasutra – February 3, 2012
Unity Announces “Flash in a Flash” $20,000 Contest Winner
By Editorial Staff


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