The Economist – October 30, 2014
Keeping skin out of the game
By The Economist

GMA News – October 24, 2014
Former EA CEO John Riccitiello is now top exec at Unity
By GMA News

Gamasutra – October 23, 2014
New Unity CEO Riccietiello takes to forums to soothe devs’ fears
By Christian Nutt

VentureBeat – October 23, 2014
John Riccitiello sets out to identify engine of growth for Unity Technologies (interview)
By Christian Nutt

Re/code – Eric Johnson
Unity CEO David Helgason Replaced by John Riccitiello
By Eric Johnson

Cinema Blend – October 22, 2014
Unity’s New CEO Is EA’s
By William Usher

CNET – October 22, 2014
Unity appoints former Electronic Arts chief Riccitiello as new CEO
By Nick Statt and Ian Sherr

Gamasutra – October 22, 2014
Helgason steps down as Unity CEO, and John Riccitiello steps up
By Alex Wawro

Gamasutra – October 22, 2014
What’s next for Unity and its new CEO? Co-founder David Helgason explains
By Christian Nutt

VentureBeat – October 16, 2014
Unity Technologies CTO declares the company isn’t up for sale
By Dean Takahashi

CNET– October 9, 2014 By Ian Sherr
Unity, one development platform to unite them all, up for sale
By Ian Sherr

EdSurge – October 8, 2014
Unity: King of the Web, Teacher of Children, Betrayer of Men
By Brady Fukumoto

Mashable – October 6, 2014
RoomAlive Can Turn Any Room Into a Holodeck
By Lance Ulanoff


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