Brian Solis interviews agency CEO Arnie Gullov-Singh about the power of a celebrity endorsements on Twitter. specialize in leveraging celebrity for product endorsements.

Check out this info graphic published by Bloomberg Businessweek that breaks down the most successful celebrity Tweeters like Kim Kardashian, Michael Ian Black, and Jenny McCarthy

Their most recent win(nning) was getting Charlie Sheen up and running on twitter. Overnight, he had a million followers. His first endorsement was

With Charlie, was literally put on the map. In the first week he got 85,000 applicants applied to intern for him. By the end he had 140,000 applicants. Not to mention all the viral buzz on twitter, YouTube and online media sites.

Not only was it ablaze on Twitter, they were paying attention to every tweet.  I tweeted about the internship program and got a response immediately. Guess one of the value adds of

Even without the hottest stars pimping your wares, twitter is definitely an important medium to explore in addition to all your other communication channels. The first question though is should twitter be your companies main priority. It’s sometimes the case, you should focus your efforts on other media first, and use twitter to enhance these programs. Remember to go where your customers are going, and you won’t go wrong.

You can read more about the Tigership Intern Program here:

According to Movie Vine Charlie Sheen kicked this off to keep up with his demand on social media:

After joining Twitter and setting records in acquiring more followers within twenty four hours than had ever been accomplished prior, Charlie Sheen announced a competition to recruit a new intern to deal with his social media endeavors. Easier said than done, considering the entire world wanted the coveted job. Okay, maybe not the entire world; but those 80.000 people that made it to Round 2 sure did.

What did they have to do? Prove through a small on-line survey that they are familiar with social networking. So basically, prove that they’re not just another wannabe who doesn’t make the distinction between Twitter, Facebook and Myspace, and say why they think they deserve the job. Seems simple enough, but considering that only about 250 people made it to Round 3, the recruiting process wasn’t as easy as the questions made it seem. After all, a 12 year old can use Facebook, but it does take special skills to know how to use social networking in a productive manner.

One of the videos for the Charlie Sheen Intern Search:

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