Marketing Charts – September 24, 2012
SMBs to Increase Marketing Efforts on Mobile, Social Media
By Staff

Business Insider – September 20, 2012
Mobile Is The Key To Retail’s Future
By Heather Leonard

eWeek — September 20, 2012
Mobile Ad Spending Among Small Businesses Set to Rise
Nathan Eddy

Mobile Marketing Magazine – September 20, 2012
SMBs Looking For Greater ROI from Mobile Advertising
By David Murphy

Performance Marketing Insider –  September 20, 2012
Small Businesses Want Higher ROI on Mobile
By Michael Levanduski

BizReport – September 19, 2012
Survey: 72% SMBs to increase mobile spending in next year
By Kristina Knight

Inside Mobile Apps – September 19, 2012
Survey finds small and medium businesses like mobile ads, but prefer signups to clicks
By Kathleen De Vere

Marketing Land – September 19, 2012
Survey: 49 Percent Of SMBs To Incorporate Mobile Into Marketing Efforts Next Year
By Greg Sterling

MediaPost – September 19, 2012
Survey: SMBs To Up Mobile Ad Spend
By Mark Walsh

Mobile Commerce Insider – September 19, 2012
72 Percent of SMBs Will Increase or Keep Same Mobile Ad Spend in Next 12 Months
By Tony Rizzo

Street Fight – September 19, 2012
Report: 72% of SMBs Plan to Increase Mobile Spend in Next 12 Months
By Steven Jacobs

Street Fight – September 18, 2012
As Obama vs. Romney Heads to Homestretch, Campaigns Get Hyperlocal
By Patrick Duprey

Entrepreneur – September 11, 2012
Mobile Advertising Platform Delivers Real Leads
By Jason Ankeny

VentureBeat – September 4, 2012
Trademob: 40 percent of mobile clicks are worthless (though things are looking up)
By Ricardo Bilton


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